Chris Hilliard

It came as a revelation to see a drummer and a live band for the first time to Chris, at the age of two. Straws were taken from drinks & his parents were asked to leave the working men's club as Chris was accused of "distracting" the drummer, by using the straws to play on tables.

Through his childhood and with the influence of his parents' love of music absorbed in the family home, Chris was showing that music was all that mattered to him. An advert was placed in the local paper and to his delight, he took his place behind his first drum kit. He soon became a competent drummer, starting in school bands and then progressing to local gigs and in bands nationwide. 

This versatile drummer has residency in two venues as well as being involved in several other projects. He has been involved in recording sessions with country guitarist Albert Lee and has also rubbed rubbed shoulders with Liane Carroll amongst others.

Chris has no preference as to the style of music he plays as long as it feels good.