Annie Judd

Classically trained at the Royal College of Music, but with an early interest in folk music and other genres. Annie has played Viola since the age of 11, later also fiddle and now plays in the band a five string electric fiddle made by Barry Ford.

Annie joined her first band back in the early 90's - The Hervey Street Boys and has since played in a number of different bands, duos and string quartets including Shenanigans, The Bachelorettes and Five Go Lashing and is still to this day a member of the Northampton Symphony Orchestra.

Annie joined Donnybrook Fair in March 2010 and has since brought a very classic Irish Folk sound to the band with her unique style and passion for the music.

First Gig Attended?  John Mayall in 1972

First Album Brought?  Death Walks Behind You - The Atomic Rooster

Musical Influences?  Dave Swarbrick, Scarlet Rivera, Jean-Luc Ponty